fiber LASER engravings


FiberFly Laser Marker is the ideal laser solution for precision engraving, micro machining and cutting of plastic and metal materials.

It offers a wide range of machining applications, from resins to metals.

Markings made with FiberFly Fiber Laser Marker are accurate, indelible and with zero environmental impact.

Fiber laser marking is the best one you can get because it allows you to mark with a great definition even on tiny surfaces.

It also allows you to "micro-write" without limits, guaranteeing excellent quality on a large number of materials.

Thanks to the perfect control over power and frequency it is possible to mark the most diverse types of materials both superficial and deep, maintaining the same quality and sharpness.

Excellent results are obtained on metal materials such as steel and aluminum (also painted), plastic (also painted) and carbon materials. 

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