PantograPh engravings

computerized engravings

targa incisione a pantografo

Pantograph engravings are mainly used to make tags or insignia with the ability to reproduce logos or images as well.

Pantograph engravings can be made on different materials:

brass, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, plexiglass, glass, precious metals, resins, trafolite

(the trafolite is a durable PVC, resistant to fire and fireproof)

Stampoplast can make engravings with characters from any language including Chinese and Cyrillic.


Photo editing allows you to transfer images, photographs and logos to metal (including precious metals such as gold and silver).

This technique is used to make medals, trays, pendants, tags, etc ....


targa identificativa per macchinari
targa insegna
pannello di comando per quadri elettrici

Pantograph engraving

Pantograph engravings are particularly used for the creation of:

  • Plates for professional studios,
  • Signs for companies
  • Panels for electrical cabinets
  • Control panels for machine tools or large machineries
  • Identification plates for machinery
  • Brass engraving for the nautical industry 
  • Identification tags for gas pipelines and extraction platforms (stainless steel, plexiglass, trafolite)
  • Identification plates for offshore gas & oil sectors
  • Stencil, including large ones, for horizontal road signs (made of plexiglass and aluminum)
  • Engraving on various items such as metal pens or precious metals (trays, frames, clocks, rings)
  • Marble engravings (cemeteries, streets or memorial plaques)
  • Customization on Industrial Components or Semi-Finished Components
  • Brass punches for hot or paint markings (apex, wine, footwear)

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